Preschool children are energetic and inquisitive. That’s why our ‘Two to Four’ classes are high energy and exciting, designed to challenge and stimulate. There are always opportunities to be free to run and move. Our dances and movement games are specially choreographed to include more challenging steps and actions aimed at developing co-ordination, spatial awareness, strength and agility.

We enjoy a wide range and styles of music, learn about different types of instruments and develop a sense of rhythm. At this age we introduce children to simple musical notation, tempo, dynamics, pitch and musical expression through fun, hands on activities and games.

Children at this age begin to develop amazing imaginations. We use this in our music and movement activities to create wonderful adventures and worlds, whether it’s trekking through an exotic jungle looking for animals, or rocketing to the moon! At the same time we teach children about the world around them.

In this older class we also start to use music and movement to teach a broader range of mathematical skills and start to introduce children to early phonics.

The emphasis in class is on fun and building confidence, whilst developing good social skills and our activities help prepare children for school.

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Preschool Music and Movement Class Video

Now you can see for yourself the fun that awaits you in our 2s to 4s classes!