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Overview and benefit

This activity teaches children parts of their body by having it tickled and named. At first babies don’t have any sense of themselves and cannot distinguish between themselves and their parent. It’s not till around 7 months that they begin to realise they are separate from their parent and the start to gain more control over their bodies. This is when they start to understand what body parts belong to them and where they begin and end. This activity uses Ralph, singing a bright and cheery song, to underpin the children’s understanding of body parts and introduce some more complex body movements. It encourages this body recognition by making them aware through a song of the key parts of the body and then associating them with the correct names. This naming of body parts is valuable for older children as the body parts become more specific and the vocabulary becomes more challenging.

Equipment required

  • MAD Academy “Ralph Says” song
  • Ralph

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How it works

There are four different versions of the song, each one using progressively more complex parts/actions:

  • Version 1 – Head, Nose, Eye, Mouth
  • Version 2 – Hand, Toe, Chin, Leg
  • Version 3 – Clap Your Hands, Peek-a-boo, Shake Your Leg, Give a Kiss
  • Version 4 – Nod Your Head, Touch the Floor, Let’s All Jump, Turn Around

What to do in the class

The children should be seated for this part of the class except Version 4 which requires standing up. You should really encourage them to follow all of the actions and be expressive with their movements. Ask the adults to sing along and support the children in making the appropriate moves. Whilst following the actions of the song, brief them on which body parts are coming up and the movements they’ll need to make!

Lyrics (version 1)
Ralph says “Where’s your head? Where’s your head?”
“Here it is. Here it is. Here’s my head.”
Ralph says “Where’s your head? Where’s your head?”
Ralph says “Where’s your head? Where’s your head?”
“Here it is. Here it is. Here’s my head.”
Dance with me, touch your knees.
Stretch up high. Clap: one, two, three.
Repeat the above for Nose, Eye and Mouth.

Training Video

Adaptation for older/younger children

For the baby class use only Versions 1 to 3.

With the adults sitting in a circle with their babies, yourself with Ralph on your lap, choose a version of the song that you want to play and ask the adults to sing along. Encourage the adults to touch the relevant parts of the babies bodies or with the older ones help them to touch their own bodies.