Other theme ideas

The following theme ideas have been contributed by franchisees at training sessions or on Facebook:

  • Peppa Pig
  • Minions
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Bob the Builder
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Dinosaur
  • Frozen
  • Goldilocks
  • Octonauts
  • English Tea Party
  • Summer Holiday
  • Room on the Broom
  • Butterfly
  • Dr Mc Stuffin’s
  • Space
  • Fairy Tea Party
  • Cowboy.Western
  • Woodland
  • Star Wars

Remember there is also lots of advice and ideas on the generic birthday ideas page and in the advice centre and there are our more standard themes on the Party page.


peppa pigPeppa Pig

  • Make a Peppa Pig matching pairs game.
  • Use “We went to visit a farm one day” and during the outro jump in the puddles like Peppa.
  • Incorporate a dinosaur (George has one) e.g. do egg and spoon balancing with dino eggs or go walking in the jungle looking for a dinosaur
  • Use the parachute and throw lots of stuffed Peppas and Georges on it and bounce them up and down – the children seem to go mad for this!
  • Sing This little Piggy Went to Market
  • Guess the sound, with pig, splash (for the puddles) and snoring (daddy pig!)
  • A musical mayhem type game with actions for Mummy Pig (housework), Peppa (jump in puddles), George (roar like a dinosaur) and Daddy pig (snore or something!). If Mummy working and Daddy snoring isn’t too stereotypical of course!


Minions are the little yellow workers from despicable me. The film had some good music, most notably:

  • the theme tune – Despicable Me
  • Minion Mambo
  • Bee Gees – You Should be Dancing
  • Pharrel Williams Fun Fun Fun.

Other ideas:

  • Minions are blue and yellow so how about using blue and yellow bean bags for the bean bag song.
  • The film story is all about stealing the moon. Use the parachute with balloons bouncing on it to represent the moon. Throw in the ABC shaker and Ribbon songs as they always go down well.
  • Tie everything together by saying whatever you are doing is a minion training camp. Perhaps some form of obstacle course will work. If you have hula hoops then use them with some despicable me music.
  • Musical Mayhem – Edit some snippets of music from the film and use appropriate minion actions, e.g. one for the purple bad minions, be a unicorn, steal the moon and dance like a minion.
  • If you have a yellow Pom Pom you could pretend they are minions dancing to ‘Happy’ Pharell Williams.
  • Do an obstacle course and deliver jelly (bean Bags) to the big buckets at the end. You need to watch the film for the reference to this!

turtlesNinja Turtles


  • Pin the tail on the turtle.
  • Get some wind up turtles and do turtle racing.
  • Foam frisbees for pizza throwing!
  • Paper plates – balance a pizza on your head instead of a beanbag.
  • Turtle eggs and spoons race
  • Make some balloon swords for the fighting/karate practise or do a routine with balloon swords to ‘Kung Fu Fighting’
  • Split the kids into four teams – for each colour ninja turtle, then do musical statues in teams – where they have to freeze on a spot of their team’s colour or have the teams throwing coloured bean bags into coloured bucket.
  • Frame the party as a Turtle training camp – first they warm up (use plenty of karate type moves here), then they have to work on their balance, coordination and reactions – so perhaps the bean bag song for balance, pom pom song
  • Musical mayhem with music and actions for – turtle in a shell, karate moves, eating pizza and be a baddie. You could do musical mayhem using the Fast Food sing for eating pizza, the start of Kung fu fighting for standing up straight then bow then take the stance ready to fight, turtle music for turtle disco, and some scary music for lay down in wait for Shredder…
  • Use parachute as a giant pizza and balls as toppings to be thrown on top.

thomasThomas the Tank Engine

Songs you could sing:

  • Down at the Station
  • Runaway train
  • Wheels on the bus (there’s a bus in Thomas…Bertie)
  • Old Macdonald (as he travels through the countryside)
  • I’m a driver on the train song is great. The MAD Let’s go on a Train Song.
  • Use the Wheels on the bus instrumental to do a Wheels on the train version
  • The transport plane song (Jeremy the plane)


  • hoops for wheels
  • bubbles for steam
  • cars (Fat controller drives a car)
  • pom-poms (let’s give Thomas a cheer!)


  • For Runaway Train, put lots of cones out in a big circle, and play trains going round the circle, stopping at stations, fast trains, slow trains and reverse when we’ve missed the platform.
  • Oops upside your head, sit down one behind the other and make a train

Possible Playlist
• Hello Song
• Go Go Thomas (From Thomas And Friends Day of the Diesels and More)
• Down at the Station
• Ready Steady Stop! (From Helen Macgregor & Catherine Birt Singing Phonics)
• We’re Gonna Shake Shake Shake
• Thomas the Tank Engine (TV Trax My Favourite TV Themes (Deluxe Version))
• Driving in My Car Car
• Runaway Train
• Teddy Bears Picnic
• Driving In My Car (Sound-A-Like Studio Group A Tribute to Madness)
• Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck
• Do The Bean Bag Bop (Julie Wylie Do The Bean Bag Bop)
• Pom Pom Chant
• Fire Engine Freeze (Music for Moving Preschool Action Songs 1 (Ages 3-7): Pre-K & Kindergarten Music for Young Children’s Creative Movement, Exercise, Dance & Motion
• Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie (The Manhattan Transfer Swing)
• Hokey Cokey
• Drivin My Train (Geof Johnson Songs from the Big Hat)
• Goodbye Song


bob-the-builderBob the Builder

  • Building bricks, either duplo or peekabloks or wooden bricks – have a tower building competition
  • Bean bag song for builder training for balance and agility
  • Gonna Build a House song
  • Listening/sound actions/bingo to DIY sounds – drill, saw, hammer.
  • Bob the Builder big fish little fish dance routine.
  • Bounce inflatable hammers on the parachute?
  • Make a matching pairs mix and match game with tractors and other vehicles or tools
  • Musical mayhem e.g. The song dizzy (spin around), Bob the Builder (hammering), a song to do with painting (can’t think of one but sure someone will suggest) and the song Dig dig dig ( digging action) – splice them up a bit using some audio software (like audacity) them mix the bits together to play the game.
  • Play a version of Simon Says as ‘Bob the Builder Says …’ with lots of building actions?

Mickey_MouseMickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme tune (They Might Be Giants)
  • The hot dog song (They Might Be Giants)
  • Think of a mystery they have to solve and they have to use some mousekeetools, could use guess the sound for that maybe.
  • Do a take on pin the tail and do pin the ears on Mickey
  • Pluto’s dog training (use stuffed dogs on leads)
  • Minnie likes baking so do sing Lets all bake a cake, with bowls and spoons and laminated ingredients
  • An egg and spoon race.
  • Daisy’s dance routine (Pom pom dance from the ABCs might be easiest).


Start by saying we are explores going to look at an island. All excited so sing happy and you know it.

  • Then either row our boats or go surfing (on ikea mats to hawaii 5 o) to a deserted island
  • Go hunting whilst singing the jungle song – find all those animals along with the dinosaurs.
  • Do an egg and spoon races as dinosaur eggs, obstacle course (music – queen latifah)
  • Instrument time to Elton John’s Crocodile Rock.
  • Use pictures of different dinosaurs and play the matching game (Animal mix and match with them).
  • Cut out some dinosaur foot prints to step on around the room (you will need a little bluetak or double sided tape to stop them slipping).
  • ‘Whats that coming over the hill is it a monster’ song!
  • ‘Monster Moves’ song – Brightstars album of creative dance tracks from Itunes – do a warm up to it.
  • ‘Walk the dinosaur’


  • Musical Mayhem – have a picture of each of the characters in the corners of the room and create an action for each (so Olaf’s funny dance, or riding Sven’s sleigh) and when you call out a character name they have to run to the picture and do the action. Have the song Let It Go ready to start and whenever you play that they have to run back to the middle and join in the song and pretend to shoot ice crystals. You could then go faster and faster.
  • Pin the carrot on Olaf.
  • ‘Snowballs’ polystyrene balls on the parachute or knocking empty bottles down with snowballs –you could have pictures of the characters on the bottles.
  • Dance like snowflakes song
  • An obstacle course where the kids have to take through a bit of Olaf and stick it on the wall until all his bits are in the right place
  • A snowball fight with cotton wool balls, just mark with tape down centre of room, divide group roughly in half put frozen music on and they have to lop as many cotton wool balls to the other teams side as they can. When you music stops the side with the least balls wins.
  • Paper plate ice skating (one on each foot).
  • Bubbles for snow!
  • Parachute – with the snowballs, pop them all on then chuck them all in the air for a snowstorm.
  • Five year olds will love a simple dance routine, so holding blue ribbons or scarves choreograph a simple dance to teach them to let it go, make sure you include the classic Frozen pose though.
  • Play Cold Potato – pass a blue bean bag around at quickly as possible as it is so cold when the music stops they have to run around the circle and back to their place keeping the bean bag on their head. The beanbag could be an ice crystal.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Also see the Teddy Bear Theme ideas.

  • Structure the party like the story, so start off with ‘Teddy bear teddy bear’
  • Teddy bears picnic with bears and picnic stuff for props
  • Lets go for a walk to ‘Follow me’.
  • Musical bumps for sitting on chairs
  • Guess the sound (using eating sounds)
  • For the beds – parachute stories and put a rag doll on the parachute, then a small pillow, and a cover, first bed too hard (lay it on floor with a thud, second too soft, bounce her up in the air slowly as if she was on a bouncy cloud, and the third was just right but covered in soft toys, and you have to bounce them all off before she can sleep.
  • Bubbles to hush little baby while she sleeps
  • Then the bears come back and you could have instruments.
  • Finishing off doing the hokey cokey together now they’re all friends.


The Cbeebies animated programme about an animal crew on a submarine saving sea creatures and caring for the marine environment.

  • Pretend to be training to become Octonauts.
  • Do an assault course
  • A fishing game
  • Parachute – with sea creatures on
  • Pom Poms
  • Songs – Row, row, row your boat, Yellow submarine, Big Ship, Big Fish Little Fish, Beyond The Sea
  • Play the Octonauts theme tune
  • Bubbles to “Under the sea”.
  • Musical Mayhem – themed around the characters (so Captain Barnacles sounding the Octo Alert, Professor Inkling reading in the library, Paso bandaging up a sea creature and Kwasi driving the Gup B to rescue a creature)

English Tea Party

This theme was suggested by Deb’s Newman and she used it as one of her summer holiday classes.

  • Use picnic props
  • Buy cheap paper bunting put it around your hall and plastic pound shop table cloths as picnic blankets, then when picnics are set up and ‘eaten’ get a karaoke version of mulberry bush and sing here we go round the tea and jam, tea and jam etc or scones and cream, cheese and grapes
  • Use pretend food and a blanket and have a picnic. Children can sort colours, food types etc. Need to get parents involved and only works with certain groups.
  • Teddy bears picnic song
  • Croquet activity using some croquet bats and balls

Summer Holiday Theme

Buy some buckets and spades, or plastic sea creatures. Use a blue towel for the sea. Shells are an easy option to bring back from a visit to the beach. Children can create designs, pictures etc.

Use some inflatable beach balls / rings / lilos etc and all pretend they are at the seaside or poolside having a party! (A lot of stuff to inflate though and logistics need a bit of working out!)

Room on the Broom

Use broom props, to fly around the room to collect witchy things like bats, cats, frogs, potions etc

Use the brooms to navigate a complete obstacle course using spots, hoops cones and hurdles

Use the brooms to sweep coloured balls into the right coloured hoops.

Suggested Plan from Alison (Croydon)

1. Warm up – Wrapped Up (Olly Murs)
2. Song: Walking through the jungle, instrumental, which I changed to Flying through the forest – meet the animals – dog, bird and frog
3. Game: Bog jumping to Jump – The Saturdays – children jump between mats/ stepping stones to help collect the witches’ missing items (hat, wand, bow)
4. Song: 5 little speckled frogs
5. Prop: Megablocks to Sorry – Justin Bieber – children help “build a new broom”
6. Prop: Ribbons to Katy Perry – Firework – children meet the fire-breathing dragon
7. Song: Incy wincy spider
8. Obstacle course – Ride on Broomsticks to “Room on the Broom” song – Julia Donaldson – children collect potion ingredients for the new broom (spiders, bats, frogs etc)
9. Bubbles
10 Follow the leader to cake

Butterfly Themed Party

Suggested plan  – Amanda Wokingham

started with lifecycle of a butterfly picture with a song off you tube.

Then egg and spoon obstacle course to put eggs on leaves.

Made a caterpillar on the floor with round coloured mats.

Found a hungry caterpillar song – parents and children made a line holding hands and threaded a hoop along the caterpillar from end to end.

Caterpillar conga. Made a cocoon – children helped me wrap birthday girls older sister in toilet paper and she broke out and became a butterfly.

Danced with ribbons as butterfly wings.

Butterfly musical statues to Little mix – wings.

Background music – love is a butterfly and made a butterfly on floor using mats, ropes, material, cut up paper and scarfs, paper plate and straws.

Laminated butterflies and balls on parachute.

bubbles to come fly with me.

Wanted to get some fishing nets and let the children catch the bubbles but could find any nets cheap enough.

Dr Mc Stuffins

‘body part’ songs, like heads, shoulders, and one finger one thumb etc.

ideas around matching games and collect the kit to treat the patients.

also ideas around helping patients (animals in this case) recover e,g. walking the toy dogs, sorting out the surgery (e,g, coloured ball/medicines into the right tub).

Giant Tweezers to perform some surgery practice (use small pom poms)

Cover your mouth song – that’s all about catching sneezes etc.

Them bones Them bones is s good one too.

Guess the noise, Ambulance and running (to keep fit) and the heartbeat sounds.

I wiggle my fingers (get the wiggles out)

Wind the bobbin (insert the word bandage instead of bobbin)

Hokey Cocky of course (lots of body part references there!).

Get all the children to bring a teddy or toy with them so they can be used as a patient.

Ralph says songs also have lots of body part references.

Miss Molly had a dolly is another good song.

Space Themed Party

collect the moon rocks (bean bags)
musical space bumps
parachute space story
pin the alien on the spaceman

S club 7 reach for stars warm up

5 men in flying saucer

Space Imagination song,

Zoom Zoom Zoom (we’re going to the moon)

Space Rocket (MAD original song)

Twinkle twinkle (depending on age of birthday child) .

Ten little astronauts.

Bounce planet on parachute (giant inflatable ball)

Spaceman and Space Cowboy – Music from itunes

Guess the sound: footsteps (on the moon) rocket (into space), superman music (as he’s from space)

Mix and Match planets? Planets (balls) on the parachute

Holst Planet Suite for incidental music/props

parachute story and bounced on screwed up foil as meteors then ball pit balls and balloons as planets.

I then went round and handed star confetti to each child which they threw on the parachute.

underneath parachute and made a tent and went to sleep in space etc.  A

ribbons on sticks for shooting stars

astronaut training camp. Bean bag song for balance etc

The Wiggles have some space themed songs that you might be able to use. I have used ‘walking on the moon’ as spacemen befor

Fairy Tea Party incorporating a very diverse choice of songs from parent

Songs requested –

Len – Steal My Sunshine
Lemon Jelly – Nice weather for Ducks
Daft Punk – harder, Better, faster, stronger / get lucky / around the world.
Justin Timberlake – Cant Stop the Feeling
Gorrillaz – Dare (Radio edit)
Abba – Vous le Vous

Welcome everyone to the fairy training camp. Explain that there is one naughty fairy on the loose called (Mildred – whatever!) and that she has been trying to steal the sunshine for herself. So the first thing we have to do is to do a bit of dancing to warm up our fairy powers so you you can help me stop her- Cue first song Steal my Sunshine – Warm up to this.

Put on some Rainsounds
‘Oh dear I think that naughty fair has been up to her tricks again. It’s raining and we can’t have that on ‘childs names’ birthday. We all need to say ‘ Rain Rain go away come again another day’. Oh well it’s still raining – nice weather for ducks anyway. Cue music – nice weather for ducks – use plastic ducks or make som cut out – Do a duck relay game.

Right fairies we need to get some more training done if we are going to find this naughty fairy so it is time for our fairy obstacle course – Cue music Bigger Faster Stronger!

Rain sounds – oh not it’s still raining. Let’s use our fairy powers and wave our wands to see if we can make the sun shine again. Use ribbons or ribbon sticks if you have them to dance to Can’t stop the feeling.

It’s still raining, so we all need to work together now – do what Sophie suggested and find all the fairies round the room. How DARE that naughty fairy steal our sunshine – Cue music – Dare – use parachute with the cut out fairies as Sophie said.

So towards the end of the session – produce a cut out – or puppet or soft toy to be the naughty fairy. Use Yellow bean bags, and the children have to do a race with them on their heads to collect in a bucket. The put on the sound of birds singing as the sun comes out.

Speak sternly to the naughty fairy – Now you naughty fairy, the sunshine is for everyone, so no more stealing it all for yourself. We are all goint to play together – what would you like to play What’s that (pretend to liisten) – Oh she’s french! Voulez vous joue avec le Hula hoops? Oh you do – Great – Cue Music Voulez vous with Hula Hoops

it will need padding out with of the ABC songs but you can build them into the training camp idea. Also drop in a few of the fairy songs and you are away

Cowboy Western Themed Party

Horseshoe throwing: with bean bags & hula hoops or cones & quoits

Target practice: buckets & bean bags, create a cardboard target sheet, cans & bean bags

Catch the cow: fishing type game (put cows onto magnetic fish)

Cotton eye Joe for a song/dance
Some line dancing

Save something from the desert/canyon or save the damsel or catch the robber for an obstacle course

Musical mayhem: horse, cow, saloon doors swimming, cowboy intro music, baddie

Cowboy boot tossing – relay race with hobby horses – something involving rounding up cattle?!? – lasso the bull or horse

Horsey Horsey,

Coming round the mountain

Shoe the little horsey

I’m a rider on my horse.

I went to visit a farm (Ranch)

Oats peas beans and barley grow (on the Ranch)

Hokey Cokey has got to be in there too as it has a square dance feel to it.

Guess the sound, Horse, campfire Cow. Skipping Ropes

Guess the sound – Horse trotting, horse neighing, cow (or course)!

Cattle Wrangler

twinkle twinkle sitting by the campfire – lie down on the outro to look at the stars.

Guests divide into two teams and one member from each team must use a cattle wrangler (sticks or batons) to weave the cattle ( a balloon) around four or five cones ( or similar item) to the corral. They then run back to pass the cattle wrangle to the next player. The game is won by the first team whose members all corral a cow

SNAKES ON THE LOOSE!! The cowboys/girls must round up all the snakes. They can’t pick them up with their hands. They must use sticks (or batons) to snatch them up and rush them over to their teams snake barrel as fast as they can. You can play this cowboy themed party game as one big group for a non competitive version or in teams. To play just purchase some rubber snakes or use ribbons and some toy batons (claves) . Spread the snakes across the play area and use a laundry basket or shoe box as the snake barrel. This game is always a blast

Have guests use a hula hoop and take turns trying to “lasso” the bull with it. The bull can be anything from a large stuffed animal to a beach ball.

play horses and cowboys, but rope around waist of one child and other child holds the end (make sure no ropes around necks!)

small plastic sheriff badges would make good party favours

Shopping game to get food to eat round the campfire? Guess the sound to crackling fire, hooting owl & horse neigh?

Learning to gallop (on horses to suitable cowboy music)

You could use hula hoops as reigns of the horse. One child the horse and one the cowboy

Relay horse racing, or pretending balloons are cattle and rounding them up sound fun – just simplifying the games on the link

Use ribbon sticks for lasso training. Songs could include Cotton Eye Joe or 5,6,7,8 by Steps or anything from the Westerns. Use William Tells Overture for an obstacle race

Warm up to Madonna’s Don’t Tell Me

You could do bubbles to “This Cowboy Song” by Sting

Wild wild West by will Smith – background music for instrument time

Woodland Animals

Sleeping bunnies…

hedgehog is prickly…

warm up of what does the fox say…

where’s my home with squirrels, spiders, birds in nest

instrumental wheels on the bus…the rabbits in the woods go hop hop hop….snakes in the woods go hiss hiss hiss…squirrels in the woods go dig dig dig…owls go hoot hoot hoot

‘Walking in the woods’ by Maria Sangiolo. Bit twee / folky but quite cute.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Row Row Row

5 little squirrels in a woodland forest
looking for nuts one day
they looked left and right and couldn’t find a bite
so one of them ran away

assault course adapted as animals. Fox crawl through tunnel. nut pick up. hop to end drop in bucket. fly back like a bird

Peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose with pom poms

Use hoops and when the music stops they all have to jump in the bunny hole (and wiggle the hoop from feet up over their heads) – to run rabbit run – chas and dave

Split into teams and do an owl egg and spoon relay…they have to get the eggs to the nest

Teddy Bear relay – background Bare necessities music – 1.Form two or more teams. Each ‘team’ is given a stuffed bear.
2. Children line up and one by one run from one end of the course to the other while holding their bear. When they return to the staring point, they give the bear to the next child.
3. If the bear is dropped during the run, the player must return to the beginning and start over. The first team to have all players finish the race wins.

1) Pass the parcel with a creature in the middle…
2) musical statues: freeze like an animal
3) duck, duck, goose: use squirrel/squirrel/fox??
4) use Peter and the wolf music

Parachute: get the rabbit in the hole (if  you have a hole in your parachute!)

Star Wars Party

Jedi training

Wooden spoons or egg n spoon spoons for light sabers

Bean bag song for balance and coordination and speed

balloon lightsabers on YouTube…

Musical mayhem with the spoons for fighting Vader / bow to Yoda / arms out for flying / robot walk for C3Po

5 little men in a x wing fighter

There is a great star wars disco version on iTunes. I would put Ralph on parachute and do the space parachute story too