Do be sensitive that some parents disagree with the concept’s behind Halloween if they are very religious so you need to handle this theme with some sensitivity to that.  Also some children find things scary so don’t overdo any dressing up and activities you do keep it all light hearted fun and not scary.  Dress Ralph up in his very own halloween costume.  Encourage the children to dress up too as it all adds to a great atmosphere.

Songs and music

  • Incy Wincy – use plastic spiders or props if you have them
  • Jelly on a Plate
  • Five Fat Pumpkins
  • Five little Speckled Frogs – even better if you have bean bag frogs
  • Wiggly Woo
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile


warm up – song suggestions – Thriller, Witchdoctor, Adams Grove, Ghostbusters, Monster Mash

Instrument box – sing along to Dem Bones (Kidzone do a decent version) or one of the songs above

Halloween Rhythm

Rhythms with claves to halloween word patterns (using the existing rhythms as follows)

aeroplane, aeroplane fly change to Halloween Halloween Halloween whoo

I like chocolate ice cream to I like ghosts and witches

One of the Rhythms also fits perfectly to Scooby Do where are you!

Halloween Guess the Sound

Guess the sound using spooky sounds like – frog, Crow, Owl, door creaking, thunder etc.  Alternatively there is a Halloween version of the popular bingo game.

Spooky Feely Bags

Sensory feely bags – put in things like – ping pong balls (eyeballs), balloons filled with water (tied securely), plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies, plastic snakes, rubber bats and other safe items (consider risk of choking if put in mouth of anything in the bag of course).  have the children sit in a circle and close their eyes as you pass around items to feel.

Parachute Play

Put on some halloween themed music and bounce halloween inflatables or soft toys on the top of the parachute

Witches Brooms

Broomsticks can be purchased quite cheaply especially after halloween is over so worth snapping these up for next year.  I think I got mine for 50p each!  Put down lots of ball bit balls and have loads of fun sweeping the balls all around the room

Halloween mix and match

Play a Halloween version of the popular snap game that we play.  Put half the pictures on the walls and the other half give to the children to match then return to you for another one.  Print and use the pictures that were created for the Halloween bingo above for this.

Spooky Bubble time

I like to finish things off with Bubbles to the Harry Potter theme tune

Colouring Pictures

Remember we also have colouring pictures  for Ralph with lovely Firework to colour for you could give out, or post on your facebook page.

Other Good Halloween Music for Props etc

Sabre Dance – The Royal Marines

The Time Warp from Rock Horror Picture Show

A Ghost in my House

O Fotuna – The Royal Marines

I got most of these from an Album entitled Halloween Party – various artists from Itunes

Other ideas from franchisees