Your wall is your main profile page, people can write on your wall and leave you messages and you can do the same back, please note – these ARE NOT private messages, if someone looks on your “wall” they can read what has been written. If you want to Private Message someone, use the message button (explained later).


This is where you can tell people what you are doing and do all your communication on facebook. People update it daily others update it weekly and some don’t bother, it’s your choice.  You can also “tag” people, pages, groups etc in your statuses so this is a good place to tell all your friends about your page or about Ralph Bear being on facebook (explained more later).


This button is found in the top right corner, yours personal name. Your profile is the personal information you have put on facebook. By hitting this you can edit your personal profile (explained more later).


This is where you find out if someone has posted on your wall, commented on your status, tagged you in a photo or post, and invited you to an event and lots more. If you are on your personal page, your notifications will only apply to your personal page. To find out from here if there has been any activity on your business page you will need to look at your business page icon on the left hand side of your homepage.


You can ‘like’ people’s statuses, photos and pages.  Also, if someone comments on your status and you like what they have put you can ‘like’ their comment.


To comment on someone’s status just comment where it tells you to but remember everyone can see it so be careful what you put.

Privacy Setting

DO check that everything you wish to keep private is kept private.

Account Setting

You can edit anything to do with your account and add any extra information, such as your mobile number for mobile updates.


This is where you either ‘tag’ someone in a photo or a status; you are basically telling them and others that ‘this is you’ as they will get notified of anyone ‘tagging’ them.


A number of people with a similar interest. They can be closed (outsiders can’t see what is going on but it will be listed and you can ask to be invited to join) or secret groups (completely unseen); open (you can see everything but you have to join to be able to post – you click the ‘ask to join this group’ link.