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Overview and benefit

The activity encourages the children to learn and explore the structure and activities of their daily lives. It helps the children to learn about their routines and also encourages listening and problem solving skills.

Equipment required

  • Large Ralph picture cards and small picture cards

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  • Two to three weeks

How it works

The instructor tells the children about Ralph’s routine at different times of the day and the children help to find matching items he needs. The instructor also encourages the children to talk about their routines and what they do at different times of day.

There are 2 versions of this activity, a seated version where the children match small picture cards and a standing version where you all match large picture cards.

What to do in the class

Choose which time of the day you are going to focus on in class that week. There is a choice of three:

  • Morning
  • Day time
  • Night-time

Choose whether you are doing the seated activity or the more active standing activity.


Have parents and children seated in a small with you and Ralph. Give each child three small picture cards. Use all the cards for your chosen time of day (you will need a few copies of the same card) and ensure there is a mix of cards among the children. Have Ralph on your lap and explain that you are going to tell them what Ralph likes to do, e.g. in the mornings. Show the first large picture card, e.g. of a toothbrush and explain that as soon as Ralph get’s up he likes to go and clean his teeth. As you explain Ralph’s routine, ask the children questions about their routine. Do they clean their teeth in the mornings? Why? What colour is there toothbrush, etc. Now ask which room Ralph needs to go to with this toothbrush in order to brush them? Ask which child has some toothpaste for Ralph and ask those children to come and give you the toothpaste cards. Now move onto the next thing Ralph does in the mornings, until all the large cards have been shown and you have collected in all the small cards from the children.


Put up around the walls all the large pictures for your chosen time of day, e.g. the morning. Make sure you mix up the pairs of pictures (so for example the toothpaste would be on one wall and the toothbrush on another).

Start with all the children in the middle and hold up Ralph. Explain that you are going to tell them all about what Ralph likes to do in the mornings (or whichever time of day you have chosen). Say the first thing Ralph likes to do is to go and clean his teeth. Ask the children if they clean their teeth and what they use. Ask them to see if they can find Ralph’s toothbrush on the walls. When you have all found it, ask what he might need to go with it and then see if they can find the toothpaste. Repeat with all the other pairs of picture.

To make this activity harder, you could include some ‘red herrings’ by putting up some of the pictures from other times of the day, so the children have to look harder to find the objects you have asked for.

The cards

Morning time:

  • Clean our teeth – toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Eat our breakfast – bowl and packet of cereal
  • Wash our face – sponge and soap
  • Get dressed – t-shirt and jeans
  • Brush our hair – comb and mirror

Day Time

  • Lunch – sandwich and plate
  • Go out – coat and shoes
  • Drive – car and keys
  • Play at the park – swings and slide
  • Snack – fruit and drink

Night Time

  • Have dinner – plate and cutlery
  • Have a bath – bath and plug
  • Dry our hair (Ralph has a lot of hair to dry!) – brush and hairdryer
  • Drink of milk – Milk and cup
  • Storytime – book and teddy
  • Go to bed – curtains and bed

Adaptations for older/younger children

This activity is suitable for verbal children.

What to do in a nursery setting

No adaptation is necessary